Friday, August 24, 2018



One day in 1820 there was some locals there names were Ben and Tom. They had a pet Camel.
“I'm just going to feed the Camel” said Tom. “Okay” replied Ben. “Can I help” asked Ben.
“Alright” replied Tom. “Lets go” yelled Ben. “It died” said Tom without hesitation. “I think it ate
too much” replied Ben. “We might have to bury it” said Tom. “Nooo!!!! I like the Camel”
screamed Ben in anger. “Well we have” to said Tom trying not tom ake it sound to harsh. “Why
just why” screamed Ben. “Fine  Ben finally said. “We will cover it in dirt and plant trees on it”
Tom explained. “Ok” replied Ben with a grump. “Lets go” replied Tom said as quickly as he
could. Now that's why Camelback looks like a Camel. The end

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