Friday, August 24, 2018



One day in 1820 there was some locals there names were Ben and Tom. They had a pet Camel. “I'm just going to feed the Camel” said Tom. “Okay” replied Ben. “Can I help” asked Ben. “Alright” replied Tom. “Lets go” yelled Ben. “It died” said Tom without hesitation. “I think it ate too much” replied Ben. “We might have to bury it” said Tom. “Nooo!!!! I like the Camel” screamed Ben in anger. “Well we have” to said Tom trying not tom ake it sound to harsh. “Why just why” screamed Ben. “Fine  Ben finally said. “We will cover it in dirt and plant trees on it” Tom explained. “Ok” replied Ben with a grump. “Lets go” replied Tom said as quickly as he could. Now that's why Camelback looks like a Camel. The end

Friday, June 22, 2018

plastic free

Plastic free lunchboxs

Near the start of the term, Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi school has been encouraging children to have no plastic in their lunch boxes. If they don’t have plastic in their lunch, they get a tick. Every tick is five house points for their house group.

People have been putting plastic containers, beeswax wraps and reusable plastic spoons. They can also just put food straight in your lunch. Those are the people who are getting ticks.

The school wants everyone in the school to have their lunches plastic free.

By Jack Lourie

Friday, May 18, 2018

I like multiverse because it is a maths game mixed with a fun game. It helps you learn times tables because in one level you only have1 minute and thirty seconds. There is a variety of times tables. There is 1-10 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Uneven Field

The Uneven Field

The field is slippery and very uneven, because it is sloped it’s like a roof of a house.
The huts on the other side of the field are shady and restful.
On the field it is bright,  because it’s a big open space.
it is also windy, because there is nothing to stop the wind.
On the field you can run as fast as you want the field is wild.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Don't throw rubbish away

Don’t throw rubbish Away
In my opinion I think that you should not throw rubbish away otherwise the world will be a landfill. This Is the only planet that has oxygen so we need to look after it.

I believe that if you throw rubbish away you won’t be able to ride motorbikes but motorbikes has carbon monoxide that coming out of the exhaust but throning rubbish away isn’t caring for the environment either.

I believe that if you have bonfires the air gets polluted by smog. If you do lite fires all the sky will be grey instead of blue.

I feel sad that people are polluting waterways and rubbish goes out to sea. Some animals die from this. Turtles eat jellyfish for turtles plastic bags look like jellyfish.

Are you going to throw rubbish away now?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Magic Show

Magic Tricks
On Wednesday afternoon the whole school went to the Hoiho class for a magic show. The person who did the magic show was Vas Kolovski.

First, we went to the Hoiho and there was funky music. He was talking to us about healthy eating. He told us that You only eat junk food once a week. The foods that you eat are proteins, dairy, grains, fruit, and vegetables.

Then, he did some magic tricks like when the end of the wand kept popping off and the wand kept on bending.

My favorite part was when Lucas Doherty went up on stage and pretended to eat food.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Duck Creek Report
On Thursday the whole class went to Duck Creek near our school. We went to Duck Creek to find invertebrates for fun.

First, Michele and Lauren from the Department of Conservation came to talk to us about where Duck Creek comes from. Duck Creek comes from a tarn. A tarn is a little lake.

Then, we went to Duck Creek and started to catch invertebrates. One group found a big DobsonFly. A Dobsonfly is something that swims in the water instead of flying.

After that, we looked at other people's invertebrates and went back to the class and Lauren and Michelle talked to us again at the end.

My favorite part was looking at other people’s invertebrates.

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